Designers and developers of power technology and computing platforms for embedded applications

"We have been working with Link2 now for almost two years and have had an excellent experience from customer service to quality of products. I would like to take a moment to express my thanks and gratitude to you and your team at Link2 for your partnership. Service from Link2 is rapid and professional, with completion of quotes and scheduling of production all aspects are addressed and discussed timely and effectively. With Link2’s extensive experience, reviewing BOMS, material and production questions is straight forward and make ramping up new production seem effortless. This has aided us greatly more than once when we had urgent deliveries to make and Link2 has been able to step in and help us make those shipments happen. The quality of product that Link2 has delivered has been great, with each delivery we are able to take the product, set them up for testing and let them run, we receive working product out of the box each time. Not only does the product work on the first power up, but we have also taken batches and run them through a 4 cycle ESS testing process where we receive passed and certified product out the other side. It really does make a difference when we can count on the quality of manufactured product we receive."

Product development company that provides: hardware software service solutions that enables next generation embedded & wireless products

“I am very happy to have partnered with Link2 Manufacturing in the local Vancouver market. Being on the cutting edge of design technology, utilizing 400+ ball – PoP memory, and .4mm BGA, I am comfortable in Link2’s manufacturing ability’s and the professionalism of their staff. They have gone out of their way to tend to my needs and shifting scheduling demands. Thumbs up to President Robert Perkins and his entire team.”


“Link 2 is always responsive to our needs. If we have special requirements they are always eager to work with us to find a solution that improves both cost and reliability.”

Designers for green technology - traffic signals

“Link2 Manufacturing is my board manufacturer. I appreciate the immediate and direct communication Link2 provides during the design and setup phases of a build, specifically the assistance resolving parts list issues. Link2’s attention to detail is clearly reflected in their clean, organized production facility. Thanks for the tour!”

Marine electronics solutions

“Link2 is the right kind of company I like to deal with. You guys treat me like I am a customer and not a number and for this I thank you. Not sure how you guys pull it off all the time, but you manage to do it – When I am in a mad panic rush – you find ways to make the deadline. Thanks to you and your team for always going that extra little bit to make us feel important.”

Developers of automotive mobile compressor solutions

“Link2 is always responsive to our needs. If we have special requirements they are always eager to work with us to find a solutions that improves both cost and reliability.”

Developers of specialized test equipment - aerospace, rail, automotive industries

“We have found Link2 to be a very valuable partner in both development and production. They can handle both short-run, quick turn prototype assemblies as well as high volume production runs. The quality of their work is always of the highest standard, but the real value they add is their flexibility and speed in dealing with any challenges that come up during a project. We always know we can depend on Link2 to get the job done right on time. Thanks for the great work!”